Joseph's Donor Drive

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Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor Drive

THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING OUT!  We had 122 people added to the NMDP registry!  The drive was a success.  God is so good!  Please continue to pray for all those out there who do not have a match and are in need of a transplant.  Click on the link below to see a video from  Joseph's drive on 3-10-07.  We've already had two people from our drive get called back in for more testing and one close friend donated marrow in August of 2008 and SAVED a life!  THANK YOU!

View this video montage created at One True Media
Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Joseph's donor drive was a success!  Click the link above to see a video!  You can see how easy it is to do the cheek swab & join the registry!  Please come out to Will's drive-- you could save a life!

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007

Time: 10am until 3pm

Location: Holy Cross Catholic Church

                616 S. Cherry Street

                Kernersville, NC 27284

Cost: $25 (fee is tax-deductible)

There is no blood draw required!  The testing is done with a cheek swab.

If you cannot afford the fee, come out anyway!  We have funds to pay for those who cannot afford it!

This drive is being done in honor of Joseph Curran (picture below).   Joseph and his brother, Sean, had their routine bone marrow biopsies done in December of 2006.  Because Joseph has an increased percentage of del20q in his bone marrow, there is a possibility he could need a transplant in the future.  The doctors at the Bone Marrow Failure Clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital ran Joseph through the registry to search for a matched donor.  One possible donor popped up, and it is not certain that this donor would be a suitable match (more testing needs to be done).  We are blessed that Sean has a perfect sibling match should he ever need to go to transplant. 

Please consider becoming a donor.  You could save a life! For more information on how to become a donor, please visit the NMDP at 



Joseph is pictured below