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We love to write!  These articles have appeared in a few newsletters for various non-profit organizations and are also published on the web.  The May/June issue of Faith and Family will have an article that includes our family.  Click on the links below to read some of our articles.  We would love to know what you think, so feel free to send us an email with your comments.

Article by Chris:

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Back when Sean and Joseph were in pre-school, we wrote a book together.  We titled it "We Take Enzymes".  The first copy was done on pink construction paper with crayon.  Sean and Joseph colored the pictures (with a bit of help from mom).  We read this book every day for a long time and it helped them to understand why they needed to take enzymes, what enzymes did for their bodies and the importance of good nutrition.    Over the years, I have met many families who loved the idea of the book and thought it would be helpful for their children in getting them to take their enzymes.

Last year, I made a prototype, but it was expensive for other families to purchase.   I found a place that could offer the book in eBook form and print form at a low cost.  I updated it quite a bit from that first construction paper draft and hope that it is as helpful to other children as it was to my own. So far, the feedback has been great--other children have been helped by seeing Sean and Joseph in print.  They do not feel alone!

I also recently published a book titled Bone Marrow Biopsy Day.  This book came after I created a scrapbook for Sean and Joseph with pictures from the bone marrow biopsy procedure itself along with various other images from the day.  When we brought it to the hospital,  several of the nurses, doctors and child life specialists told me I should publsih the book.  Child Life liked it so much that we donated a copy to the hospital. 

If you are interested in previewing the the cover and the first eight pages of the books, please visit the links above,  click on  the title hyperlink and then on "preview book".