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Sean and Joseph had their first IgG infusion with their new pumps (Sept 2006)

Thank you for all the feedback!  We appreciate it!  We took these pictures several years ago, because when we first started SCIG, we were unable to find pictures of people doing SCIG.  We thought it might be helpful for other children in the same situation. We have heard from families with children who receive SCIG and from adults-- we are glad that it has been helpful to so many!

This is the IgG in the syringe. Remeber that IgG comes from the plasma, so it is clear.

Joseph took this picture of the new pump with the syringe in it.

Joseph with his EMLA cream on

Sean took all the pictures of Joseph..........of course Joseph directed every shot.

Joseph getting his second poke

A cute Joseph

Joseph took a close up picture of hte needle

Sean is all hooked up

Sean with new pump

Picture of Joseph when done

Joseph wanting a picture taken at an angle

Joseph is trying to direct mom....he's saying, "Take the picture at this angle!"


Joseph's picture of me inserting the needle into Sean